Covid-19 vaccination

The Department of Health, Australia has approved Mossfiel Medical Centre for Covid-19 vaccination.

We are once again in the front line to lead and get involved in the vaccination effort undertaken by the Department of Health

Covid-19 vaccines will be available at Mossfiel Medical Centre  from 3rd week of April 2021.

Please check your eligibility and forward your details through attached form. 

Current patients of Mossfiel Medical Centre will be contacted through SMS/letters or phone.

Informed consents are mandatory.


New patients are welcome. You will need an assessment by clinical staff for eligibility.

Form to enroll for vaccination and availability management.   

Preparing for vaccination? -

About Covid Vaccines - Updates

Information to help patients make informed decisions.

Click link below to know -


Case alerts – public exposure sites

What's next?

  1. MMC staff will send you a SMS/phone confirmation regarding your appointment

  2. Suitable appointment is made for assessment to see nurse and doctor allow 25 to 30 min

  3. Patient to pick up "consent form" - clinical staff will assist if required

  4. Make an appointment for vaccination - big day 

  5. Attend clinic for your vaccination, sign consent in presence of your GP - 1st dose

  6. After vaccination wait at the designated area, clinical staff will advise if you need stay longer. If not you can continue your daily routine  

  7. Clinical staff will advise your appointment for the second and dose - 4 weeks interval

  8. Visit clinic for your second and final dose

  9. Don't forget to ask for your vaccination certificate.

  10. Now you can enjoy your social events, holidays and parties.